Bring me the Sun

(A Trilogy)

Story Synopsis

James Pearson was a business owner living an ordinary life. But some strange things start happening after his brother comes to work for him, then gets killed. James suddenly finds himself involved inside the dark underworld when he discovers a massive conspiracy to end freedom and to destroy America. Once James realizes that his own family is involved, that they are members of a secret society, he cannot trust anyone so he packs up and leaves to try and warn people of the coming danger. After three years on the road James is broke, alone and in deep despair. He uses the last of his money for supplies and camps out on an Indian reservation. The next morning Samuel White feather, a Navajo rancher, rides into his camp and a friendship is formed. The two men then embark on a great journey and only then does James begin to discover who he really is. He finds the truth locked in his DNA, and as it begins to unfold James finds his training and mission along side Samuel. As the story progresses, global tensions and an economic collapse trigger World War III and revolutions erupt in America and across the globe as the world begins to descend into darkness. Targeted by the shadow government James and Samuel join some local patriots in a small locked down Arizona town. Falsely accused of a terrorist attack, the government sends several special operation units home on rotation from the war to destroy the Patriots. But after highly classified evidence is leaked from an anonymous intelligence source reveals a shocking betrayal at the highest level, an unlikely alliance is formed. Led by legendary US Marine Corp General Jack Hawkins, the allied group of Patriots begin to unravel ancient secrets buried underground for centuries. Native American wisdom points them to the "Uku-Pacha," underground earth dweller beings with advanced technology, working along side of shadow government spooks. They have discovered the real enemies of man, and begin to fight against the destroyers of life to take back control of the Earth. Written of in ancient texts, the final conflict between good and evil has begun. This is the story of the light warriors, and their struggle to keep freedom alive, in the battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness.

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written by C.J.  Broadbent

Copyright 2018

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Authors Statement / Tag Line

Bring me the Sun touches on many genres, Action-Adventure, Suspense-Mystery, Conspiracy and-Sci-fi. But is ultimately, a love story. 

James gets pulled into his fathers CIA underworld connections and discovers a massive conspiracy to destroy America and end freedom. As Ancient secrets begin to unravel James falls deep into darkness approaching his death. One mans journey into hell to save a soul, a small towns heroes fight to save the soul of a nation. Can they find their way back to the light?

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